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India's first* Olss.in Online Live Security Services. Security is a concern olss.in helps you by keeping an eye at your site. It can monitor your cctv on the location that you have set, and let u know about all the entries and exits by sending you recording of your front gate via WhatsApp. And if any crime takes place, olss takes an immediate action by two way audio talk and indicates u about the same.
In todayís World, security systems play a supreme role. Generally, these systems are installed at the surveillance area and the users have to monitor the live recording to find out the suspicious activities. Many users tend to monitor the live recordings during day time but fail to watch out during night. This results in many illegal entry and robbery during the night. Olss is one of the leading live video monitoring service providers located in Faridabad, India. We have launched our concept in the year 2018 and now we possess 18+ professionals to carry out the task. We are capable of monitoring the live videos that are recorded in the security systems of your property from 24*7.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve a leadership position in the surveillance sector through our excellent services to our customers. We have been working with the goal of attaining the esteem position among the society.
We provide you the assurance that the data monitored by our team will be kept confidential. Still, our team is looking to improve data safety. We donít compromise on the services that are provided to the customers and we take responsibility for the complete service.

Our Plan

We have many future plans to spread our services to large group of people across the country. We will increase our team and professionals to offer extended services to many clients. We are training our professionals with the latest technologies to work with advanced security systems.
In addition to this, we aim at acquiring more and more customers who have faith and are confident about availing our services. Hence, we encourage our team to provide more than the expected service to our clients .

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a secure environment to our respective customers. We would strengthen our growth with more satisfied customers who will recommend our services to more clients.
Our company is looking forward to emerge as one of the best security service company in India. We would lead our competitors in monitoring various security services through live recordings of system installed at homes, offices, shops, industries, godowns and many more.


Olss.in A company that keeps an eye on your car, shop, factory, go-down & home. Through thiss , your cctv are monitored on the location you have set. Whenever a crime takes place , olss takes an immediate action and informs it to you too. Our team will monitor cctv 24*7*365 and will alert you before any mishap.

Security of Car/Parking Lot

The absence of human and structure of the parking lots in a commercial complex, apartment and office buildings leads to increasing criminal activities. In such a situation, Olss gives live video monitoring service and keep an eye on the happening followed by an alert alarm ,if there is any suspicious act.

Security in Go-downs

In Go-downs, security cameras are installed to protect a large number of products that are stored for later use. But it is not possible to monitor the live videos of the camera all the time. And for that you can hire our Olss live video monitoring service provider to stay informed about the incidents in your go-down.

Security in Showrooms

Today high-security cameras are installed to offer security to the valuable things that are stored in the showroom. These live recordings can be monitored only during day time but olss provide live monitoring at your showroom during night to avoid the crime.

Security at Construction Site

The construction site is an important area where security plays a crucial role in protecting the materials stored and the site. Even if there are securities they can able to watch only specific areas but not each and every place. So, you can hire our Olss video monitoring services to keep an eye on your construction site .

Security in Factories

OLSS.IN is the best live video monitoring services for your factory. Feel free to contact our Olss video monitoring service provider located in Faridabad, India. Our OLSS team will be watching your security camera videos when you are not able to watch them and will alert you if any unusual incident occur.

Security in Society

Public security is very essential to protect people from any threats and criminal actions. The security cameras that are installed in public places must be watched to ensure safety. To be safe in such situation you can hire our Olss live video monitoring services .


Our Clients satisfaction is our success, we are deeply committed to understand our clients business & to sharpen our focus on our core competencies, and our flexible business approach allows us to look at clients engagement from different perception. Expanding the possibilities for our clients and for them to achieve competitive advantages. olss.in is one of the Indiaís first providers of low bandwidth webcasting service with an innovative product and technological solutions that we provide and this enables our clients to transform and perform through our services. olss.in provides its clients with enhanced and innovative technics that let their events and activities to achieve superior results through a unique way of working. Our team relies on some of our best technics and products delivered, which aims to get the right technics of its service, and by working as one team to create and deliver the optimum solution for clients.

Our Skills

Our Strengths & Qualities with over 1 years of committed security services, Top IPS Group is currently installed at over 114 corporates and industrial, residential apartments, malls, for Security services in India. Our Growth & Excellent Response & Review From Client View Testimonial!

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